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Aveh Umurerwa.

AVEH Umurerwa was founded when members of the local community became aware of the lack of provision for disabled children in the area. Without education or information, many parents do not know how to care for their disabled child and they are often restrained and physically tied up inside their houses for long periods. In Rwanda shame is associated with having a disabled child and parents often attempt to hide their off-spring from neighbors and family. Some are simply abandoned by their families – left in the near-by forest and only survive if they are found by groups of passing soldiers.

AVEH stands for

Association de Volontaires pour Assistance aux Enfants Handicappés Or Association for the Voluntary assistance to the children with disabilities

After meeting to discuss the problem, a group of community activists came together to improve the rights of disabled children. They each began making a monthly contribution and were able to start sheltering both physically and mentally challenged young people, as well as training others how to look after them within the family.

Umurerwa is a Kinyarwanda (the local language) word meaning

to be cared for

A lot has been achieved in the last four years – even those residents of Bugesera without a disabled child now understand their rights and are able to advise parents of the services AVEH Umurerwa offers when such an infant is born. Much though is still to be done. Currently registered at district level, we are in the process of national registration and hope soon to build our own, permanent residence. In the future we wish to continue our advocacy work, improve our income-generating projects and acquire vehicles to provide free transportation for home-visits and medical transfers.

Our legal name is ‘Foundation AVEH Umurerwa asbl’ (asbl notes our non-profit status).




To better the life and conditions of disabled children and their families in the Bugesera district.

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AVEH Umurerwa is governed by the General Assembly, a group of 8 members of the local community who contribute monthly to the upkeep of the center.Aenean lacinia bibendum nulla sed consectetur Integer posuere

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